Open Garden Design Call for Garden of Light, Life, Power and Wealth

The Process – from Design Submission to Design Implementation

All participating designers have to follow the process explained below
(The duration of each stage may vary slightly depending on the number of submissions)

Stage 1 – Select 30% as finalists (5 months – October 2019 to End of February 2020)

  1. Submit the first proposal for Concept submission (2 months)
  2. *Expert Panels (EP) will assess the first proposal and give detailed feedback (1 month)
  3. Before sending the proposals to the EP, the Observing Committee (OC) and the Technical analysis team will assess the proposal to ensure the proposals meet the minimum conditions.
  4. In parallel, the community will be invited to give feedback for the conceptual proposals. The community will also be invited to contribute their ideas to an “Ideas pool”, which will be shared with the designers for inspiration and potential integration in the detailed design. The ideas pool will also be shared with the panels for reference. 
  5. Designers will integrate the feedback in the detailed integrated design and submit the same to the Expert panel with a short story line of how the feedback was integrated. A short video (3 min max.) presentation would be recommended along with the PDF proposal. (1 month)
  6. Expert panel will give rating and choose top 30% designers (1 month)

Stage 2 – Select the leading design team (3 months – March – May 2020)

  1. Designers will present their proposal at the exhibition in Auroville and online.
  2. The Community Panel will have access to all the design submissions from Stage 1 as well as suggestions given by the Expert Panels. Based on this they will be asked to give detailed feedback on the proposals. (1 month)
  3. Designers will integrate the feedback into the design and submit the revised design and tentative bill of quantity (BoQ) with the help of Matrimandir team (1 month).
  4. Community panel will give rating on the designs according to the revised proposal and BoQ. The rating by the expert panel and the community panel will be combined to choose the leading designer.
  5. Chosen design elements from all proposals will be shared with the OC for the final integration process in Stage 3

Stage 3 – Completion of the final design and start design implementation (2 months – June to July 2020)

  1. The Observing committee(OC) will compile all the recommendation from the Expert panel and the Community panel. The OC will assess it and request to the leading designer to integrate it to come up with the final design.
  2. The leading designer will present the final design, execution drawing, implementation timeline and detailed BoQ within 2 months
  3. Start implementation! (1st August 2020)

Important note:
1) Designers have to maintain their anonymity in all their submission. All the names will be announced when the entire process has completed. (Designers will have choice whether their name will be seen in public or not).
2)  The designers may choose to submit design for one or more gardens depending on what they feel inspired to do. They may also contribute design elements to the ideas pool.

This brief was composed by the Matrimandir garden design call observing committee.

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